CANCUN? had his musical upbringing in the Bronx, where soul, hip-hop, poetry and his Afro-Caribbean roots all left a significant impact on his interest in and perspective on music. Today, he lives in Denmark, and is known among colleagues, as ‘The Concept Guy’ – the man who freestyles and blends lyrics, genres and melodies, turning them into hits that make audiences go crazy.

With his deep vocals, creative style and unique ability to fuse genres together, CANCUN? has established a strong presence on the electronic music scene in record time, both in Denmark and internationally. Along with ‘The King of Car Music’, HEDEGAARD, CANCUN? has conquered the top of the Chinese EDM chart. In November 2022, the power duo entered the weekly chart of China’s largest music platform QQ MUSIC with the mega hit “All Designer”, after which the single went straight to the top spot on the platform’s EDM chart.

The single “NYC BABY”, also a collaboration with HEDEGAARD, was released in China in a localized version under the title “BEIJING BABY”, and was put into A-rotation on one of the biggest radio stations in the country, Beijing Music Radio. The song also hit the top spot as no. 1 on the weekly QQ Music EDM chart, and went on to reach the no. 2 spot on the overall EDM Chart for the entire second quarter of 2023 (Q2). “BEIJING BABY” also took victory laps on Douyin, which is the Chinese equivalent to TikTok. Here, the single was part of a creator challenge, and hit the 24th spot on Douyin’s official challenge chart. The challenge generated more than 6.2 million views and 360,000 likes, in less than 48 hours.

For many years, CANCUN? has written songs for and with the biggest Danish stars. His raw, hard-hitting vocal and unorthodox song lyrics can be found on albums by Lukas Graham, Christopher, HEDEGAARD and Brandon Beal.

With an experimental approach and strong electronic influence, CANCUN? creates a dark and unpredictable universe, which is unmistakably his. This can be heard on his and HEDEGAARD’s hit single, “JEEP”, which entered the top 20 as no. 16 on the weekly QQ Music EDM chart, followed by the single “OneHundred”, with the label-buddies Matt Hawk and HEDEGAARD once again, making it to no. 17 on the chart; and lastly, on the heavily streamed hit single, “JUMANJI”, which has reached over 21 million streams on Spotify. These are hits, which embody CANCUN?’s style and provide a solid hint as to what we can expect from him in the future.

CANCUN? has been preparing his solo projects for a long time; With more than 80 million Spotify streams and 60 million YouTube views, things are bound to explode in 2024, in the new – but already massively successful – co-operation with the Danish record label OneHundred Records.


  • OneHundred Album cover


  • JUMANJI (feat. CANCUN?) Album cover

    JUMANJI (feat. CANCUN?)

  • All Designer Album cover

    All Designer

  • Hāi Qǐlái Album cover

    Hāi Qǐlái

  • JEEP Album cover


  • Bottle of Bubbly Album cover

    Bottle of Bubbly

  • Lean Back Album cover

    Lean Back

  • Jiggy Album cover


  • NYC BABY Album cover


  • All Designer - Tom Enzy Remix Album cover

    All Designer – Tom Enzy Remix



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