Peter Bjørnskov belongs to a small, exclusive league of singers and songwriters who have surpassed 2 billion streams on their songs – and who are capable of crafting pop gems with grand melodies and choruses that stick with you from the first listen. At the same time, the songs are so emotionally authentic and gripping that they go straight to the heart.

Bjørnskov is uniquely his own. The 42-year-old artist, songwriter, and producer incorporates personal experiences and moments from a life lived through highs and lows into his universe of mature pop songs. This adds a special depth to his lyrics, which are sung in both Danish and English.

Bjørnskov’s ability to combine catchy with heart-wrenching particularly stands out in a track like ‘My Room’ from 2022, where he sings about hiding in his room as a 10-year-old while his parents argued downstairs – and about his promise to his own children that they will never feel the same need to hide.

In addition to a long list of his own songs, Bjørnskov has also recorded and performed with major Danish artists. He debuted on the Ankerstjerne single ‘Nattog’ in 2011, which reached eighth place on the singles charts and received gold in Denmark. In 2013, he achieved the hit ‘Dimitto (Let Go)’ together with KATO and Safri Duo, which impressively reached first place on the charts and received platinum in Denmark. Since then, Bjørnskov has collaborated multiple times with Martin Jensen, resulting in international hits where he is featured as an artist. This includes tracks like ‘Somebody I’m Not’ and ‘Miracles’, both of which have over 50 million streams on Spotify, as well as major hits with the same artist like ‘All I Wanna Do’ and ‘Solo Dance,’ where Bjørnskov either sings, without being featured, or has been involved as a songwriter.

Stylistically, Bjørnskov spans wide, which is why he primarily releases singles – most recently ‘Punching Bag’ from this year. However, in 2014, he released a full album titled ‘Nu’.

Bjørnskov was formerly the drummer in the pop-rock band Neeva, which released the album ‘Where to Start’ in 2008. Later, he acted as a producer for several artists.

In his illustrious career as a songwriter, he has written songs for the Danish rock icon Sanne Salomonsen and, more recently, for international superstars in club music, including R3HAB, Mike Perry, Gabry Ponte, Jonas Blue, and many more.

With more than 170,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Bjørnskov already reaches a broad audience, but after a longer break, the experienced artist has a strong drive and ambition to prove that it is possible to make a comeback despite being away from the music scene. Looking to the future, Bjørnskov has big international dreams, aiming to conquer them with new music and new collaborations.


  • Somebody I'm Not Album cover

    Somebody I’m Not

  • On My Body Album cover

    On My Body

  • Miracles (feat. Bjørnskov) Album cover

    Miracles (feat. Bjørnskov)

  • Venner for evigt Album cover

    Venner for evigt

  • Somebody I'm Not - Cahill Edit Album cover

    Somebody I’m Not – Cahill Edit

  • Videre i Mig Album cover

    Videre i Mig

  • Paralyze Album cover


  • Vi er helte Album cover

    Vi er helte

  • Punching Bag Album cover

    Punching Bag

  • Kun Et Kys Album cover

    Kun Et Kys


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