Rikke Darling

Rikke Darling

As Denmark’s leading female DJ, Rikke Darling has spent her career breaking down barriers for women within club music; placing herself in the frontline and conquering the biggest stages, proving her point that men are not the only ones able to pump up the clubs and festivals – armed with a USB stick and a set of headphones.

Rikke Darling is married to ‘The King of Car Music’, Rasmus Hedegaard, but her passion for electronic music started long before they met. Rikke Darling is 100 percent self-made, and she started out at a young age by playing local clubs in Aalborg, fighting her way up and applying her technical knowhow and skills to pave the way into the male-dominated DJ scene. When Rikke takes the stage, the calm and easygoing woman from Aalborg disappears, and her alter ego, Rikke Darling, takes over and creates an unforgettable party. She knows what can make an audience go crazy – and she is not scared to give it to them.

Since her early days at the local nightclubs in Aalborg, Rikke Darling has conquered the biggest stages in Denmark, and besides national club tours, she has played at SMUKfest, TinderBox, Aalborg Karneval, Skive Festival and Kløften Festival, and on several of them, she has been a recurring act multiple years in a row due to popular demand. In 2022, Rikke Darling took a big step on behalf of herself and Danish women working with club music, when she was booked for an international gig at the large Norwegian EDM festival Sydli, and absolutely killed it.

With a wide-ranging back catalogue containing, among other things, her breakthrough hit “Giv mig Coco”, Rikke Darling has cemented her position as the leading female DJ in Denmark. “Giv mig Coco”, which was created after a fun-filled evening, exploded from day one, and to this day, it has had more than 3.6 million streams on Spotify and 249,000 streams on SoundCloud. With the single, she proved her ability to not only perform, but also create music that people love.

Rikke Darling continues walking at the forefront when it comes to breaking down barriers for Danish women within club music – and she is far from finished. With her new deal with the record label OneHundred, she goes all-in on an international career.


  • Giv Mig Coco Album cover

    Giv Mig Coco

    Rikke Darling
  • Bedre Uden Dig (Rikke Darling X HEDEGAARD X Clara Sofie) Album cover

    Bedre Uden Dig (Rikke Darling X HEDEGAARD X Clara Sofie)

    Rikke Darling
  • BORED (Rikke Darling Remix) Album cover

    BORED (Rikke Darling Remix)

    Rikke Darling
  • Hullabaloo Album cover


    Rikke Darling
  • So The Story Goes… (Di Da Di) Album cover

    So The Story Goes… (Di Da Di)

    Rikke Darling
  • NYC BABY (Rikke Darling Remix) Album cover

    NYC BABY (Rikke Darling Remix)

    Rikke Darling
  • Amnesia Album cover


    Rikke Darling
  • På Min Hjerne Album cover

    På Min Hjerne

    Rikke Darling
  • Only Girl (In The World) Album cover

    Only Girl (In The World)

    Rikke Darling
  • All Of Your Love Album cover

    All Of Your Love

    Rikke Darling

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