Jon Nørgaard was once Denmark’s biggest popstar. But, due to a chain of events after stepping back from the industry, now, hungrier than ever, Nørgaard is reborn under the artist name “Tvilling”, ready to take care of the business he left unfinished almost 18 years ago.

Nørgaard rose to fame after winning the Danish edition of Popstars in 2002, breaking records as the fastest selling Platinum debut artist in the country’s music history (a record still standing today); Denmark had never seen a teen idol of that magnitude. As is a cautionary tale with many child stars, the limelight proved all too much as he stepped away from being in front of the microphones and cameras to rebuild himself, both personally and professionally.

Speaking about his artist name Tvilling (Danish for twin or Gemini, Jon’s zodiac sign), Jon states several reasons as for why he chose it. ”Firstly, this project is a total rebirth. I want a new beginning, both as an artist and as a human being. Secondly, I feel like the duality of the term holds the possibility of telling stories of both the brightest and the darkest days in life”.


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