Although the world of electronic music can often feel like a factory line of tracks, Stockholm producer Nause ensures that his music possesses a hand-crafted flair. After 100 million streams of his global hit 'Dynamite', Nause continues builds upon that success with his latest track ‘Aqualung’ which features MissLi.

‘Aqualung’ finds the young producer raising the bar in striking fashion. While rooted in the Swedish house sound, ‘Aqualung’ resonates with an uplifting power that will surely see it emerge as a mainstay of playlists across the globe. 

“It’s a much poppier song but it still has the Nause vibe to it,”says Nause, aka Jacob Criborn. “It has such a great, nineties style piano hook that I knew I had to release it!”

The track’s topline comes from Sweden’s flamboyant pop icon MissLi, whose mountainous vocal delivery is the perfect match for Nause’s life-affirming grooves. He considers her theatrical lyrics to the song (“Gonna swim for my life / Please don’t let me drown”) to be an unrequited love story.

Eager to build on the success of ‘Dynamite’ with ‘Aqualung’ and to ensure that Nause “reflects me as a person,” he is currently spreading his creative touch to every aspect of the project – visuals, merch, styling and artwork. That personal touch is particularly important when it comes to planning this summer’s live show. Inspired by the engaging visuals and brand recognition of Deadmau5 and DaftPunk, Nause is currently developing a mask that will be featured at all future performances.

“The Nause mask is my identity and I’m investing a lot of time and energy into it,”he states with conviction. “I don’t want to be a silhouette in the background. I want to look people in the eye, connect with the fans and make them feel like they’re part of the energy. It’s not them and me: I want us to party as one.”

And that’s not the full extent of it, either. While the newly-masked Nause is rampaging to the forefront of the stage, he’ll be backed by several LED screens featuring digital musicians performing in identical masks. A charismatic frontman plus explosive sounds multiplied by innovative visual tech is a formula that’s guaranteed to result in visceral chaos.

Nause’s journey so far has included numerous unforgettable highlights. From topping Sweden’s charts with his first anthem 'Hungry Hearts' to dazzling in front of 14,000 fans at a gargantuan outdoor home coming gig, Nause has already achieved more than most musicians will in a lifetime.



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